Harold S. Bernard Group Psychotherapy Training Award

This Prestigious Award Recognizes Outstanding Contributions in Education and Training in the Field of Group Psychotherapy.

Rationale: In an effort to promote the visibility of practice standards and to encourage life-long learning, an award was established by the International Board for Certification of Group Psychotherapists in 2002 to recognize individuals, programs or institutes that make an outstanding contribution to group psychotherapy education and/or training, or contribute to standards of practice in a meaningful way. This highly regarded award is presented at the Community Meeting held at the AGPA Annual Meeting.

Endowment: In 2012, the annual training award was renamed the "Harold S. Bernard Group Psychotherapy Training Award" though a legacy gift provided to the Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health by Dr. Bernard's estate for the purpose of endowing the award. Dr. Bernard was an esteemed leader, teacher, colleague and friend in the field of group psychotherapy and AGPA and its related organizations were his second family. His contributions to the field in general and to AGPA specifically were impressive in their scope and their impact on the field. Throughout his lifetime, training in group psychotherapy was near and dear to Dr. Bernard's heart. His legacy bequest ensures that individuals and programs meeting a high standard of training quality are identified and honored for their contributions to the field in developing the next generation of clinicians who use group psychotherapy to help people.     

Guidelines for applying:

1. Nominations are solicited annually for individuals or programs - the submission deadline is November 15. 

2. Nominations must include:

a) a letter from the person making the nomination (people can nominate themselves) describing the accomplishments of the nominee, including such things as: courses developed and taught, writings of significance and relevance, impact of the nominee on trainees and training,

b) a current curriculum vitae for the nominee.

3. Submission of at least three letters supporting the nomination. These can be included in the original submission, or may be submitted separately by the letter writer and should be from trainees and/or former trainees, colleagues and peers describing the achievements and influence of the nominee. In recent years, this award has elicited nominations of outstanding candidates and has been decided largely on the strength of the nomination and the supporting letters. The winning nominations have frequently been supported by ten or more letters.

4. Nominations and supporting documentation must be submitted via e-mail to the AGPA Office at [email protected] by November 15.

Honored Recipients:

2024:  Aaron Black, PhD, CGP, AGPA-F:  Learn more about Aaron PR -IBCGP Bernard Award February 2024-Black

2023:  Toronto Institute of Group Studies (TIGS)

2022: Howard University Counseling Service (HUCS)

2021: Farooq Mohyuddin, MD, CGP, AGPA-F

2020: J. Scott Rutan, Ph.D., CGP-R, AGPA-DF

2019: Judith M. Coche, Ph.D., ABPP, CGP, AGPA-LF

2018: Helene Satz, Psy.D., ABPP, CGP

2017: Norman A. Neiberg, Ph.D., AGPA-DLF

2016: National Group Psychotherapy Institute of the Washington School of Psychiatry

2015: Haim Weinberg, Ph.D., CGP, AGPA-F

2014: Donna J. Markham, OP, Ph.D., ABPP, CGP

2013: David Panzer, Psy.D., CGP and the Group Psychotherapy Services at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University

2012: The Menninger Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Group Therapy Program, Baylor College of Medicine

2010: The Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute

2009: Robert H. Klein, Ph.D., ABPP, CGP, AGPA-DLF

2008: The Center for Group Studies

2007: Walter Stone, M.D., CGP, AGPA-DF

           One Year Training Program in Group Psychotherapy of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society

2006: Marvin L. Aronson, Ph.D., CGP, AGPA-LF

2005: Wendi Cross, Ph.D., CGP, Saul Scheidlinger, Ph.D., CGP, AGPA-DLF

2004: K. Roy MacKenzie, M.D., FRCP, CGP, AGPA-DF

2003: Gary M. Burlingame, Ph.D., CGP, AGPA-DF

2002: Henry I. Spitz, M.D., CGP, AGPA-DF