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    Upcoming Teleconferences: Complimentary for AGPA Members

  • Violence in America: Group Therapists Join the Dialogue and Search for Solutions chaired by Robert Klein, Suzanne Phillips and Victor Schermer. 
    • Part 1, Sunday, May 31, 2015: 11:00 am-12:30 pm (Eastern): Understanding and Treating those who are Violent with Robert Klein, Leslie Lothstein, and Victor Schermer
    • Part 2, Thursday, June 25, 2015: 8:00-9:30 pm (Eastern): Understanding and Responding to Survivors of Violence with Craig Haen, Sherry Lynne Hamby, and Suzanne Phillips.
    • Part 3, TBA: The Impact of Violence on Family, Groups, and Community with Daniel Gottlieb, Earl Hopper, and Victor Schermer.
    • Part 4, TBA: Revenge, Retaliation, Restitution and Restorative Justice with Bonnie Buchele, Cecil Rice, and Nina Thomas.

    Participation in these teleconferences is complimentary for AGPA Members.  CE credits for AGPA Members are available at $22.50/session.  Participation and CE credits for Nonmembers are available at $45.00/session.  Payment includes the 90-minute teleconferences, access to the online test and upon successful completion a CE certificate. (For more information and to register.)

    AGPA’s Distance Learning Task Force is launching a Book Club

    The Book Club is designed to provide opportunities for narratives between select authors and our members via teleconference or videoconference formats. The format will involve a 30-minute formal presentation by the author(s) followed by a Q & A exchange related to a book or article of choice. We will attempt to provide club members with ample time to obtain the books or articles prior to the event date. The first planned event, to be held Sunday June 14 from 8-9:00 PM, will be with Cheri Marmarosh, PhD. Dr. Marmarosh will discuss her newly published book, Attachment in Group Psychotherapy, co-authored by Rayna Markin, PhD, and Eric Spiegel, PhD. (In February, Dr. Marmarosh presented the Louis R. Ormont Lecture to a packed audience at the AGPA Annual Meeting in San Francisco). The Distance Learning Task Force welcomes members to send book and author suggestions to Paul Kaye at We hope the Book Club provides a new, exciting opportunity for the AGPA membership.  Participation is complimentary for AGPA Members. CE credits for AGPA Members are available at $15.00/hour. Participation and CE credits for Nonmembers are available at $30.00/hour. Payment includes the 60-minute teleconference, access to the online test and upon successful completion a CE certificate.  (For more information and to register.)

    Groups in Private Practice SIG Support Group

    The Groups in Private Practice SIG is now offering an online group for members who would like to support one another, exchange ideas and share goals as they strive to establish new therapy groups in their own practices. This group is open to all AGPA members and is moderated by the Groups in Private Practice SIG Co-Chairs, Jason Berman, Ph.D., CGP, Carol A. Dallinga, LCSW, CGP and Allan Sheps, MSW. You can join this group in two ways, by logging in to the AGPA website and adding this group in the Update SIG Sections page or by contacting the AGPA office toll-free at (877) 668-AGPA (2472).

    Center of Excellence in Group Psychotherapy Services

    The Center of Excellence in Group Psychotherapy Services (CoE) was developed by the International Board for Certification of Group Psychotherapists, the certification body of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, to recognize organizations/practices that achieve and demonstrate excellence in group psychotherapy practice. This national designation as a CoE in group services provides the public and consumers with a benchmark to determine the quality of group treatment that they can expect to receive.  The designation is available to mental healthcare delivery systems (e.g. community healthcare groups, hospitals, clinics, agencies, and group practices). To learn more about the CoE designation please visit the Centers of Excellence.

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