What is a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP)?

A Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) is a clinical mental health professional who meets internationally accepted criteria of education, training and experience in group psychotherapy. A CGP is an ethical practitioner who is an expert in group psychotherapy and is committed to group psychotherapy as an autonomous treatment modality. The International Board for Certification of Group Psychotherapists offers this certification in group therapy for practicing clinicians. This credential requires a master's degree or higher in a designated mental health specialty and clinical group experience with supervision/consultation. The CGP is valid for two years and then needs to be renewed. The CGP provides formal recognition that the practitioner has a specialty expertise in Group Therapy practice.


The CGP certification was designed to strengthen group therapy services for persons experiencing mental health concerns. This certification recognizes and validates eligible mental health providers who have basic skills, knowledge and expertise in providing group therapy. The Certification Board developed the certification to:

  • To Promote and protect the public's health safety and welfare through the dissemination of information which will enable the pubic to make informed decisions regarding appropriate group psychotherapy practices;

  • To Assess health care trends which impact group psychotherapy;

  • To Enhance the professionalism of group psychotherapists by establishing and advancing standards of professional practice, ethics and education;

  • To Define, establish and promote criteria for the certification of professional qualifications in the field of group psychotherapy;

  • To Grant recognition to and promote professional accountability for clinical mental health professionals who are certified;

  • To Encourage group therapists lifelong learning through continuing education;

  • To Promote cooperation among public and private organizations interested in the certification of group psychotherapists;

  • To Conduct assessments of the effectiveness of certification including the impact of certification on group psychotherapy, the role of certification in mental health and the benefits of such certification

If this describes your practice, the Certification Board invites you to review the eligibility requirements criteria and apply for your CGP.

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