Help Group Grow
The Group Foundation is dedicated to changing lives through group psychotherapy by advancing the most effective and innovative approaches to group therapy education, training, research, and community outreach. Millions of people face the challenge of living with a mental illness, and with the power of group, we can provide support to those in need.

One of the ways the Group Foundation accomplishes this is by providing scholarships for group psychotherapy training and education. 136 students and early career professionals attended AGPA Connect 2023 with assistance from the Group Foundation's donors. They have expressed their appreciation to donors and all who made AGPA Connect 2023 a success. You can hear from some of them directly through their letters.

Donate today because mental health is essential, and group can help.

The Group Foundation's DEI Fund supports initiatives to invest in a diverse and culturally responsive mental health community and workforce, with a focus on anti-racism work. Please see the Summer 2023 article outlining the fund's goals; if you would like further information please complete and submit this form.

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