Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the CGP

Q: Can I recertify on line?
A: Yes, this can be done online by clicking here. You can also contact the Office of the International Board for Certification of Group Psychotherapists at 1-877-668-2472 for further assistance.

Q: If I lead a group and obtained group clinical hours while in graduate school, does this count toward my 300 hours for certification?
A: Yes, all hours acquired leading clinical groups can be counted. 

Q: I cannot find/did not receive information about recertification. How can I get this information if I do not have access to a computer?
A: You can contact the Certification Board Office at 1-877-668-2472 and they will be happy to provide you with the necessary materials.

Q: I dropped my certification a few years ago and want to recertify. How do I do that?
A: You can recertify now, as long as your license and malpractice insurance are current and you have the required CEs earned during the past two years. You pay the normal recertification fee and there is no penalty. You must then sign the affidavit.

Q: I don’t have enough CEs to recertify. Can I wait and recertify when I get my CEs at AGPA Connect or at another conference?
A: Yes, you can recertify when you earn your CE credits. If a year elapses, you can be reinstated with no penalties. The AGPA's Online Continuing Education Center also offers a wealth of opportunities for you to earn credits for your recertification.

Q: Are there e-learning opportunities so that I can earn my CEs?
A: Yes, there are many e-learning opportunities available. For group therapy related CE (which is mandatory for your recertification), visit our Online Continuing Education Center and browse its growing library of offerings.

Q: Can I use CEs that are not group therapy related?
A: No, all CEs must be learning activities related to group therapy.

Q: How else can I get my CE credits?
A: A maximum of 8 credit hours can be earned through informal learning activities. 
Definition: Informal learning activities which meet the CGP's continuing education requirements include study groups, peer supervision and non-accredited professional learning events which focus on group psychotherapy theory and practice. Each contact hour is equivalent to one credit hour. In addition, preparation and presentation of lectures, workshops, and courses as well as preparation and publication of papers, articles, chapters, and books on group psychotherapy are accepted activities in this category. In the case of teaching, two credit hours may be accrued for each hour of actual instruction. For publications, an article, chapter or book may be counted as 8 credit hours. Reading journal articles or chapters of books pertaining to group therapy, if not formally accredited by one of the national accrediting organizations, are accepted activities at .5 credit hours for each article or book chapter.