Maintenance of certification by the International Board for Certification of Group Psychotherapists is contingent  upon the individual meeting the following criteria: 

  1. (a) retention of a valid  state license at the highest level of practice and/or 
    (b) the highest level of membership or certification in designated primary professional organizations;
  2. ongoing compliance with applicable ethical principles; 
  3. retention of  professional liability insurance; 
  4. 18 hours of continuing education over the  preceding 24 months; and/or timely submission of the CGP Recertification Affidavit. Failure to notify the Registry of revocation, suspension or voluntary  relinquishment of licensure or membership/certification may be a factor  considered in any subsequent request for certification, reinstatement, or reapplication.

This revocation policy defines two categories of causative  actions for revoking the certification of an individual, namely, 

  1. failure of an individual to maintain licensure or designated active  membership/certification as a mental health professional, failure to function in  compliance with applicable ethical principles, failure to maintain professional liability insurance, failure to engage in 18 hours of continuing education over the preceding 24 months, and/or failure to timely submit the CGP Recertification Affidavit (Automatic Revocation) and 
  2. intentional misstatement of material fact submitted upon application for certification or recertification (Discretionary Revocation).

In the case of Automatic Revocation, the revocation or suspension of an individual's license or designated membership/certification, violation of applicable ethical principles, failure to maintain professional liability insurance, failure to engage in the requisite hours of continuing education, and/or failure to timely submit the CGP Recertification Affidavit automatically voids the certification in the Certification Board, subject to appeal. A request for reinstatement must be accompanied by written documentation sufficient to demonstrate a basis for restoration of the certification.

Upon receipt of a written complaint and presentation of facts indicating that it is appropriate to initiate procedures for the possible revocation of certification under the Discretionary Revocation provision, a committee appointed by the Board of the Certification Board shall first advise the individual of the basis for the possible action. The complainant will be informed upon filing a complaint that all material submitted in support of the claims will be shared with the individual in order that he/she may prepare a full response to the charges. All such documentation will be presented to the individual with the letter of notification of the complaint. Additionally, the individual shall be offered the opportunity to request a hearing before the committee. The request for a hearing must be submitted in writing within thirty days after the individual receives notification of the complaint. A hearing, if requested, shall be held no later than ninety days after the granting of the hearing. The individual shall have the right to be represented by legal counsel and to present any evidence on his/her behalf. The committee has the authority to revoke or suspend certification by a two-thirds vote of the committee. The individual may appeal the committee's decision to the Certification Board's Board of Directors.

Revised, March 2002