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To maintain your CGP credential, recertification is required every two years.

Recertification Requirements:

1.  MAINTENANCE OF LICENSURE: CGP Recertification requires you to maintain the active license to practice in your discipline and/or clinical membership/certification in designated national professional organizations which you held at the time of certification. Your signature on this form verifies this. (Not required to hold CGP-R).

2.  LIABILITY INSURANCE: Valid insurance is necessary for the CGP credential, but not for CGP-R.

3.  CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: New for 2021: the International Board for Certification of Group Psychotherapists has increased the number of hours for CGP recertification to 20 hours every two years with a minimum of three formal CE hours required on diversity, equity, and inclusion as related to the practice of group psychotherapy. Every two-year cycle, formal hours will be required at 12 hours and informal hours will be permitted to be at 8 hours. View AGPA's diversity offerings here in the AGPA Store/CE Center.

The International Board for Certification of Group Psychotherapists requires both those in active practice and retired professionals to earn twenty (20) hours of continuing education in group psychotherapy every two years. Individuals who wish to be listed as active in the online directory must also maintain valid state licensure and/or active clinical membership/certification status with a designated national professional organization, as well as current professional liability insurance.

A total of 20 group psychotherapy continuing education hours is required in formal and informal learning activities as indicated below. DO NOT send certificates or other documentation of attendance/participation at this time; however, retain these documents for two years in the event an audit of your records is required.

  • FORMAL LEARNING ACTIVITIES: Required: A minimum of 12 hours of continuing education credits must be in this category. 

Definition: Learning activities that are formally organized and accredited events which have specific objectives related to the theory and practice of group psychotherapy. Each contact hour is equivalent to one credit hour.

The approval of such formal learning activities by an accrediting body will be an acceptable indication that such continuing education activities meet the standards of the International Board for Certification of Group Psychotherapists. (e.g. the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, the American Psychological Association, State Associations of Social Workers, the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation, State Associations of Marriage and Family Therapists, or the National Board of Certified Counselors) Reading journal articles, books or book chapters are now accepted as part of formal learning activities, if accredited by one of the national accrediting organizations and for the number of hours designated by the accrediting body.

  • INFORMAL LEARNING ACTIVITIES: None required; A maximum of 8 hours of continuing education credits may be in this category.  

Definition: Informal learning activities which meet the Certification's continuing education requirements include study groups, peer supervision and non-accredited professional learning events which focus on group psychotherapy theory and practice. Each contact hour is equivalent to one credit hour.

In addition, preparation and presentation of lectures, workshops, and courses as well as preparation and publication of papers, articles, chapters, and books on group psychotherapy are accepted activities in this category. In the case of teaching, two credit hours may be accrued for each hour of actual instruction. For publications, an article, chapter or book may be counted as eight credit hours. Reading journal articles or chapters of books pertaining to group therapy, if not formally accredited by one of the national accrediting organizations, are accepted informal activities at .5 credit hours for each article or book chapter.

4.  Fees:

AGPA Members: $180 CGP; $90 CGP-Retired
AGPA Non-Members: $270 CGP; $180 CGP-Retired

Retired professionals can maintain their CGP credential through our CGP-R (Retired) program. This designation was developed in response to those teaching and writing who value the skills the CGP denotes, but who are no longer in clinical practice. The 20 hours of continuing education in group psychotherapy detailed above are required to renew this credential, but current licensure and liability insurance are not necessary.  Contact the Certification office at [email protected] or 212-297-2190 with questions.