Group Foundation Tribute Gifts

Contributions listed have been received as of October 15, 2019.

In Honor of Contributions (donor is listed in parentheses)
AGPA Staff (Molyn Leszcz, Charles Pohl)
Maryetta Andrews-Sach’s 75th Birthday (indicated with * in donor listing)
Cindy Miller Aron (Karen Travis)
Marsha Block/Marsha’s Birthday (indicated with ** in donor listing)
Gary Burlingame’s Distinguished Fellowship (Barbara & Fred Ilfeld, Molyn Leszcz, Jeanne & Matt Pasternak)
Eleanor Counselman (Nina Brown, Molyn Leszcz)
Annie Fehr (Scott Fehr)
Christine & Mark Fitzstevens (Christopher Moore)
Les Greene’s Distinguished Fellowship (indicated with  in donor listing)
Joshua Gross (Michele Ribeiro)
David Hawkins (Russell Hopfenberg)
Steve Haut (Oona Metz)
Bonnie Jacobson (Suzanne Stutman)
Gloria & Bob Kahn (Margaret Postlewaite)
Priscilla Kauff (Xu Yong)
Beatrice Liebenberg’s 100th Birthday (Maryetta Andrews-Sachs)
Anne McEneaney (Michele Ribeiro)
Michelle McGrath (Annie Weiss)
Emma Meyer (Kristen Gill)
Janice Morris (Dianne Willer-Sly)
Mary Nicholas (William Haydon)
Ryan Oehl (Kristen Gill)
David Panzer (Mitchel Adler, Yair Kramer)
Suzanne Phillips/Camp Galaxy (Heartfelt Wings Foundation)
Mildred and Millard Price (Jeffrey Price)
Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services/RAICES (Robert Fredrick)
Keith Rand (Steven Riemer, Ryan Spencer)
Phyllis Rifkin-Russell (Janet Rifkin)
D. Thomas Stone (Karen Travis)
Karen Travis (Kevin Credeur, Maggie Credeur, Bruce Evans, Christine Fitzstevens, Darlene Ford, Jeff Hudson, Ronald Nierman, Keith Rand, Lynne Vance)
Jenna Tripsas (Pamela Tripsas)
Xu Yong’s Fellowship (Tony Sheppard)

In Memoriam Contributions
(donor is listed in parentheses)
Yvonne Agazarian (Kenneth Frontman)
Anne Alonso (Sarah Brandel, James Lazarus)
Harold Bernard (Nina Thomas)
Barbara Cohn (Chera Finnis, Shulamit Sabaq-Cohen)
Patricia Doyle (Barbara Finn)
Lena Furgeri (Antonio & Delia Blanco)
Jay Erwin-Grotsky (indicated with  in donor listing)
Walter Flohr (David Flohr)
Ruth Hochberg (Marsha Block & Leonard Walter, Ed & Kathy Fronheiser, Thomas & Marla Netzel, Phyllis Siegel, Esther Stone)
Bonnie Jacobson (Suzanne Stutman)
Edward Karmiol (Thomas Hurster, Craig Stevens)
Robert Lipgar (Jeffrey Roth)
Nancy Mazza (Justin Hecht)
Harris Peck (Ilka Peck)
Miriam Polster (Miriam Iosupovici)
Theodore Schramm (Marc Schramm)
Anne Teachworth (Michael Cascio)


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