Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health Research Grants

Funds are available from the Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health to support clinical research reviews that demonstrate the effectiveness of group psychotherapy. 


Deadline: November 1 of each year

**This call for papers is a new direction for the Foundation’s research program in order to maximize the impact of the research in the field

The Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health is pleased to announce a call for grant proposals for original critical research reviews, either qualitative or quantitative (particularly meta-analyses), that focus on some selected area of group psychotherapy. 

More specifically we are interested in reviews of studies of 1) treatment outcome either for selected clinical issues (e.g., depression) or cost effectiveness, 2) studies that examine specific process-outcome relationships (such as the association between interpretative work and outcome), 3) specific group formats and approaches (such as psychoeducational groups for stress management), 4) focus on individual differences that impact group treatment (such as race/class/gender or member attachment), or 5) comparisons of group therapy to other forms of treatment. 

Research Grant Award
Grants will be awarded up to $5,000 depending on the significance and quality of the proposal to the field, the experience of the investigative team and the number of grant applications received. Grant monies are awarded with an expected completion of the project in one year as follows: forty percent upon grant approval, forty percent upon submission of a six month progress report and the final twenty percent upon receipt of a post project report. 

Conditions Governing the Award
Recipients must agree to accept the conditions governing the award as determined by the Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health which include:

  • Carrying out the project as approved by the Group Foundation;
  • Submitting progress reports as requested by the Group Foundation;
  • Submitting a final report no later than three months after completion of the project;

Should funding of the project be approved, acknowledgment of the Group Foundation's support is to be included in all publications derived from the award.  Additionally, grant recipients are encouraged to submit reports to the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy for consideration of publication.

How to Apply

1. Complete the application form (initial signature page); link is at the end of these instructions. This form can be printed, completed and emailed or submitted online.

2. When this form is complete, please email the following information to [email protected]:

  • Summary of review project (no more than one page)
  • Detailed description of review project which covers the areas mentioned below
  • Budget information;
  • Information about the investigators, including curriculum vitae of principal investigator (limited to one page)
  • At least one letter of support and one reprint

**Indicate Research Grant Application Materials in the subject line.

The Application Review Process
Applications will be reviewed by researchers who are experts in the field of group psychotherapy research.  Applications are given scores from 1 – 5 on each of the following areas:

  1. Importance of the topic (from “not at all important” to “very important”).  Successful applications will  make a compelling and logical argument for why the completion of the review project would move the field of group psychotherapy research forward and/or improve public health.

  2. Would the study contribute to the body of evidence supporting the efficacy of group psychotherapy (rated from “not at all” to “greatly”)?  Successful applications will illustrate how the review  study, if conducted, will provide a needed contribution to the existing group psychotherapy literature. 

  3. Coverage of the literature (rated from “poor” to “excellent”). Successful applications will provide an organized, focused and comprehensive review of the research literature.

  4. Methodological rigor (rated from “flawed” to “state-of-the-art”). Successful applications will provide a clear rationale for the procedures used to conduct the review; including the appropriateness and comprehensiveness of the methods employed. 

  5. Feasibility of study (investigator experience, realistic proposal, etc; rated from “doubtful” to “no concerns”).  Successful applications will be feasible.

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Please direct Research Grant inquiries to:
Diane Feirman at [email protected]

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