Scholarship FAQ

1. When is the deadline?

The early decision deadline for AGPA Connect 2024 is November 15, 2023. Applications submitted by this date will receive consideration for endowed scholarships for which they are eligible. Applications submitted after the deadline will only be considered for tuition support scholarships on a funds available basis.

2. Who can apply for a scholarship?

We encourage all to apply! Scholarship applicants must be a current AGPA member in good standing or an AGPA member-applicant. 

Not an AGPA member? Click here to apply for AGPA membership. *Please note: Scholarship applicants applying for AGPA membership for the first time do not need to provide payment information. Simply select invoice me/pay later when asked for payment. 

3. How do I apply for a scholarship?

Complete the online scholarship application here. The online application will require the following:

1. A current curriculum vitae/resume

2. Letter of introduction identifying your:

  1. Interest/reasons for attending AGPA Connect
  2. Present and future goals with the particular focus on your plans in therapy of group therapy

3. TWO personal letters of recommendation, from someone knowledgeable of your experience supporting your attendance at AGPA Connect.

*Please note: all application materials must be uploaded to the online application by the applicant.

4. Can I apply for multiple scholarships?

The submitted scholarship application will be reviewed and automatically considered for all applicable Endowed Scholarships, before the November 15th deadline. After the deadline, applicants will only be considered for the tuition support scholarships.

5. Can I submit a third letter of recommendation?

We currently only accept two letters of recommendation to be attached to the online application. 

6. When should I register for AGPA Connect?

As soon as you submit your application, you should register for AGPA Connect at the link provided as part of your scholarship submission confirmation.  Please do not submit any payment at this time; select pay later/invoice me.  Upon notification of the scholarship you receive, you will be provided with a discount code to complete any payment arrangements. 

7. When will the scholarship results get released?

Scholarship results will get sent via email sometime in late December 2023/early January 2024.

Begin your application here:

Apply for a Group Foundation Scholarship 

Has your question not been answered? Email Vasilis Serpanos at [email protected]for all other scholarship inquiries. 

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