Humanitarian Award

Esteemed individual whose ability and position, either personal, corporate, foundation and/or politically based, has enabled him/her to do work reaching into and providing vitally needed services to a community.

To nominate someone, please submit a letter and any relevant supplemental material to: 

Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health
25 East 21st Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10010
Telephone: 212-477-2677  |  Toll-Free: 877-668-AGPA (2472)  |  Fax: 212-979-6627

Submissions are due to the Group Foundation office by October 1st of each year. 

2020 Recipient


2011 Recipients

Robert and Lenore Davis

2009 Recipient

Toby Chuah Feinson

2003 Recipient 

Jack Rosenthal

2001 Recipient

Bernard Arons

2000 Recipient

Steven Spielberg 

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