The CoE designation is awarded to mental healthcare delivery systems that meet specific requirements established by the IBCGP.

Community healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics, agencies, and group practices are all eligible to apply.  

To obtain this designation the organization must meet four basic criteria:

  • Value lifelong learning and continuing education in the field of group psychotherapy. The organization applying must demonstrate a high level of commitment to excellence in group therapy services by supporting ongoing continuing education and training in group psychotherapy. Organizations must foster this value and vision.

  • Acknowledge group treatment as a specialty treatment that requires specific group training within or beyond graduate school or residency training. Many clinicians practice group therapy but have no specific training which minimizes the effectiveness and integrity of group as a treatment modality. Organizations must support group staff in meeting the established nationally accepted standards of education, training, and experience in group psychotherapy. They must also support group staff in meeting recertification requirements.

  • Employ qualified clinicians to facilitate therapy groups. Practicing group therapists are either certified as a group therapist or supervised by a qualified CGP supervisor. 

  • Provide high quality group treatment that is supported by evidence. Therapy groups offered in the organization or practice are supported by evidence based practices and outcome measures are utilized. 




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