Why a Center of Excellence Designation Matters

  • Public Recognition: The organization is publicly recognized as providing the highest level of expertise in group psychotherapy to consumers, the community at large, referring resources, and third party payers.

  • Standard Bearer: The CoE designation supports the organization's efforts to demonstrate a high level of specialized group treatment services to standards surveyors including regulatory bodies and third party payers.

  • Recruitment Advantage: The CoE designation offers a competitive advantage in recruitment and retention of high quality staff.

  • Website Listing: The organization will be listed as a Center of Excellence on the AGPA and IBCGP websites. The listing will include the date of the designation, program address, phone number and a link to the organization's website. Many people visit the AGPA website searching for information on group therapy.

  • Preferred Referral: Centers of Excellence in Group Psychotherapy Services will be a preferred referral resource on the AGPA and IBCGP websites and will be included in the on-line Find a Certified Group Therapist directory.

  • Scholarships: The organization will receive priority consideration for scholarships to the AGPA Annual Institute and Conference.

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