AGPA responds to the COVID-19 pandemic

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AGPA serves as the voice of group therapy for mental health clinicians and the public-at-large, both nationally and internationally. The AGPA provides vital information on group psychotherapy in a variety of ways. Our efforts provide global access to group psychotherapy education and professional development, research, and outreach services. AGPA promotes awareness about the healing power of group.
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Upcoming e-Learning Events

Promoting our Colleagues’ Well-being: Group Work with Healthcare Providers
Molyn Leszcz, MD, FRCPC, CGP, DFAGPA

Monday, March 30, 9:00-10:30 PM (Eastern) 
*Please be cognizant of applicable time zones

This presentation will examine the role of group support in helping healthcare providers manage in the face of the enormous strain that viral pandemics generate. Using the experience of the presenter with the SARS Pandemic, a practical approach to maximize coping and enhancing resilience in health care colleagues will be outlined. Click here for more information and registration

How does Research Apply to Clinical Practice?

Check out the latest information offered by the Science to Service Task Force, Group Think! Applying Science to Practice. This new web section created by Stevie McLaughlin and Martin Kivlighan provides a brief overview of research findings to inform the AGPA community of new clinically relevant group therapy research. This quarter's edition addresses:

  • How clinicians and researchers can assess the process of change in group psychotherapy and take initial steps to explore the question: Is there value in incorporating the views of close friends or family when assessing client or group member improvement?
  • The psychological and emotional manifestations of White racial socialization, White fragility, typically entails such defensive expressions as anger or denial in conversations about race and racism (DiAngelo, 2011; 2018).  While this construct has received increasing attention in the popular literature, it has only rarely been formally studied within psychotherapeutic contexts.

Click here to view these research summaries.

New Group Therapy Podcast on

The Therapy Show interviewed AGPA President-Elect Molyn Leszcz, MD, FRCPC, CGP, DFAGPA, on the vital aspects of group therapy treatment. Listen to the full podcast here, read about group, and please share this valuable show on your social media to promote the benefits of group. 

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AGPA Awarded Accreditation with Commendation

 As a provider of continuing medical education for physicians through the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). This status is the highest accreditation the ACCME offers.