Fellowship Qualifications and Application Process

Fellowship in AGPA is an honor. It demonstrates outstanding professional competence and leadership capacities. Fellowship in AGPA enhances the reputation of both the Fellow and the Association; our Fellows represent in a visible way the breadth of skill and commitment to excellence found among members of the Association.

Applying for Fellowship:  In applications for Fellowship in AGPA, candidates are asked to demonstrate excellence and leadership in at least two of five areas of activity, one of which is leadership in AGPA, the Affiliate Societies and/or other group psychotherapy-related organizations. A completed application will include a list of relevant experiences under "General Leadership" and in at least one other category.  Because this is the committee's opportunity to know each applicant better, please provide specific details including dates, titles, location, and responsibilities. For workshops or presentations, it's helpful to include the length, title and sponsoring organization for each presentation given. If workshops or presentations are used to fulfill leadership requirements, they should be listed under the category of "Leadership;" but not listed under a second area, such as teaching and training.

Applications for Fellowship can be submitted at any time of the year. Upon review of a candidate's application and professional experiences, the Fellowship and Awards Committee makes a recommendation to AGPA's Board of Directors regarding the candidate's application. The Board of Directors reviews the committee's recommendation and makes the final decision about awarding fellowship to an applicant. Because of the timing of the Board meetings, applications may take several months to process depending on the time of year they are submitted. Once your application is approved, you will be notified by the Board of Directors and a short profile will be written up to be published in the following Group Circle newsletter. We look forward to celebrating all new Fellows at the Community Meeting each year at AGPA Connect. 

For further information please see the article in Group Circle, summer 2022.

Please submit your application in the online portal. For assistance in filling out the application, please contact any member of the Fellowship and Awards Committee.

Ethical Standing:  Candidates for Fellowship are expected to conform to standards of ethical practice in their professional practice, organizations and within AGPA.

Local and Regional Societies:  The Fellowship and Awards Committee welcomes the feedback of Affiliate Societies about specific candidates active in their society. This feedback is solicited by the committee once a completed application is received but is entirely optional for all applicants.

Organizational Qualifications:  Any AGPA member who has been a CERTIFIED GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPIST or PROFESSIONAL member for a minimum of 5 years can submit an application, accompanied by two (2) letters of recommendation from Fellows, and/or a Special Interest Group Co-Chair or a local Affiliate Society Board Member. The AGPA Fellowship and Awards Committee always welcomes suggestions for suitable candidates from any member of AGPA.

Please note that the Fellowship and Awards Committee does not accept self-nominations for Distinguished Fellowship. Should you wish to suggest a candidate for this award, please contact a member of the Executive Committee of the AGPA Board or the Fellowship and Awards Committe.

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