Membership Benefits

Membership Testimonials
Make AGPA your professional home. Our members enjoy being part of our family and taking advantage of all that we have to offer them as their own organization. While we offer a wide array of tangible benefits, it is the intangible that truly makes AGPA membership so valuable. The opportunities for you to grow personally and professionally are almost limitless as you interact with and learn from your colleagues in the group field.

“I have been a member of the AGPA since 1993 and have attended all but two conferences in that period of time. What the AGPA has meant to me professionally and personally has evolved and grown over that period of time. In the beginning, I was struggling to comprehend how group worked and vividly remember my first institute on inpatient groups when there was a sudden satori like snap wherein the gestalt of how a group worked, what material it would bring out and how this could be of value to members suddenly came into sharp focus. I was hooked. From there it was years of building simultaneously cognitive and heartfelt understanding of the group process, theories and techniques, and the personal/professional growth that came from participating in various groups with some of the great therapists that facilitate at the AGPA. As I have gotten older, the AGPA has become both my psychological group home in that I see many of my psychological friends, some of whom I have known and have known me for over a decade, people that love me both because of and despite myself. Many of these clinicians I only have contact with at the AGPA.  It has also become a major outlet for my “generativity vs.stagnation” phase of development as I find that through leadership and committee assignments, I have a vehicle for sharing the energy and wisdom I have accumulated through my years of practice and the cultivation I have experienced through the AGPA to encourage younger members of the profession. Charles S. Pohl, M.S.W., CGP, Co-Chair Membership Committee

Continuing Education, Meetings & Training

AGPA Connect
As the highlight of the Association year, the AGPA Connect offers top-notch accredited continuing professional development opportunities, with over 200 events as well as friendly networking and social interaction for members and non-members alike. Your membership allows you a special reduced rate and priority enrollment for the AGPA Connect, which is held in different locations throughout the country. 

Each year the Institute presents a two-day experiential group led by outstanding group practitioners from around the world. The Conference is an exciting three-day event that includes workshops with limited enrollment, as well as open sessions. You will be exposed to a wide array of philosophies and approaches, and you will feel a strong sense of identity as a group therapist. This annual meeting also offers social events, such as a dance, a luncheon with entertainment, as well as other exciting social and networking opportunities.

AGPA members have the opportunity to receive scholarships, awards and research grants from the Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health. 

Increase Your Visibility

My Communities
AGPA's own social networking site allows you to stay connected to our community throughout the year. Participate in online discussions, search for members, network and design your own individualized profile. 

AGPA members receive a complimentary month of service from our partners at TherapySites, which can provide you with a simple, yet powerful solution to establish your presence on the Web.


International Journal of Group Psychotherapy
Members enjoy a subscription to the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, the official journal of AGPA and a leading information resource for group psychotherapists. Issued quarterly, the stand-alone value is $127, but with your AGPA membership it’s free! Additionally, current and past issues are also available online in a searchable reference database. The Journal includes the most up-to-date advances in theory, research and practice.

The Group Circle
Published quarterly with a special insert of Group Assets, these newsletters feature up-to-date information and news on the profession as a whole, member and Affiliate Society news, a President’s Column, reports from AGPA Committees, Task Forces and Special Interest Groups, brief research reports, a consultation column, suggestions for marketing your practice, ethics and third-party payer issues, and professional award, scholarship and research grant opportunities. 

Group Connections
Our official monthly e-newsletter for the AGPA, Certification Board and Group Foundation is the source for Group Psychotherapy information and events.


Special Interest Groups
Our Special Interest Groups and interactive E-Communities allow you to learn from and network with colleagues who share your passions and interests. Ask questions and engage in conversations with experts in the field. Our SIGs cover the following interest areas: Addiction and Recovery; Children and Adolescents; College Counseling and Other Educational Settings; Co-Leadership in Groups; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Issues; Groups in Private Practice; Health and Medical Issues; International Relations; Internet, Social Media and Technology; Issues in Aging; Mental Health Agency & Institutional Settings; Organizational Development and Consultation; Psychiatry; Racial & Ethnic Diversity; Research; Women in Group Psychotherapy.

Affiliate Societies
Our 27 Affiliate Societies across the country offer collegiality, referral networks, training, consultation, and supervision. All AGPA members have access to local societies’ workshops and training programs. Many AGPA members also hold membership in their local Affiliate. Local and National membership complement each other, one offering local exchange and collegiality; the other offering national training and educational opportunities.

Improve Your Treatment Outcomes

OQ Measures
Through our partnership with OQ Measures, AGPA members who are interested in increasing their overall treatment effectiveness by using outcomes and group process measures to track the treatment progress of members in group therapy can now save $50 annually per clinician. Most importantly though you can receive advice and support on how to implement evidence based measures into your clinical practice.

Grow Professionally

AGPA Career Center
Our online career center offers our members the opportunity to advance as professionals in the group field. It features a searchable database of jobs and links professionals and employers together on a central website.

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