Zoom Resources

Start here for the basics on how to use Zoom. After watching these initial videos you’ll be prepared to start seeing your clients online. If you have any questions on the content or need some clarification you can reach out to Zoom’s Help Center and ask their experts how to use the software.

Zoom Basics
Security Features Tutorial 
Comprehensive Meeting Controls
How to use the chat window

Now that you know how to use the basics of Zoom, adding group members is easy. Watch the video below for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to add more members to your call, how to manage their audio and video settings, and how to protect your group from unwanted visitors.
Managing Participants 

Advanced Zoom Features 
Looking to get more creative with Zoom? These videos will show you how to create smaller breakout groups, schedule a webinar, and how to record a meeting for future use.

How to Use Breakout Rooms
How to Schedule a Webinar 
How to Record a Meeting

Hosting Digital Events
In order to successfully fill an online event such as a conference or workshop you’ll need to learn how to use Eventbrite and employ digital marketing strategies. These videos will walk you through the strategy and technique for marketing an online event and selling digital tickets. If you’d like to truly master online marketing be sure to check out AGPA’s ongoing marketing coaching group.

How to Market Virtual Events
How and Why to host Virtual Events
How to use Eventbrite to Sell Tickets to an Event
Zoom Best Practices for Hosting a Digital Event 

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