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Resources that others have shared and developed in response


Internet, Social Media, and Technology SIG (iSIG)
In a special effort to support AGPA members along with the public at large, members of the iSIG have developed the following resources to help move your practice to an online setting.

Insights into Teletherapy Practice

In this Facebook Live Video, iSIG Co-Chair David Songco, PsyD, CGP invites viewers into his private practice space to unpack and demystify the transition into teletherapy. Here he discusses technology, ethical considerations, equipment, and treatment considerations as it relates to delivering effective teletherapy treatment.

If you have any questions about any of the above items, please contact David Songco at


Group Circle Highlight: From the Couch to the Screen - Online (Group) Therapy
Haim Weinberg, PhD, CGP, FAGPA shares his experience with online group therapy. This article focuses on the main obstacles that exist when we work online with patients, especially in video communication and specifically with groups.


Moving your groups online? We're here to help!
We have a number of e-Learning events being offered to support therapists who might be new to online groups and for those who would like to expand their existing knowledge. Visit our AGPA CE Center here for upcoming events and past recordings. AGPA members have complimentary access to all programs.


Resources From AGPA Members:


Resources from the American Psychological Association

These documents have been reviewed by several practicing psychologists and attorneys.
   - Informed Consent Telepsychology Checklist. (For use in your clinical record. Please add your own letterhead.)
   -  Office & Technology Preparation Checklist. (For reference to prepare your office and practice for telehealth.) 
For more information on telepsychology visit APA's webpage here.

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