Group Interventions for Trauma

Groups Help Communities Heal Following Disaster: Drs. Craig Haen and Suzanne Phillips

Group therapy, a widely accepted treatment option for over 50 years, is extremely beneficial in treating trauma.  Groups provide a safe, nurturing, accepting environment in which painful feelings and experiences can be shared.  Groups allow people to speak the unspeakable.  They encourage the reestablishment of trust, validate your experiences and provide access to information from others. They help rebuild self-esteem.  Most importantly, through group therapy you discover you’re not alone.  AGPA has a number of resources that can help people, including the general public, parents and clinicians, following a traumatic experience.  If you can’t find what you need please contact Public Affairs Director, Diane Feirman, CAE at or by calling 1-877-668-AGPA (2472)

In response to recent incidents, AGPA has released an Organizational Statement on Inclusivity.

In response to recent events AGPA has released an Organizational Statement on Violence.

In light of the June 2016 shooting in Orlando, view this information on responding to hate crimes.

 Siddharth Ashvin Shah, MD, MPH, discusses his international outreach work using groups in partnership with AGPA.


Group Interventions for Treatment of Psychological Trauma

To order the complete manual, Group Interventions for the Treatment of Psychological Trauma, visit the AGPA Online Store.  This publication contains the full 10 modules designed to address trauma group work with specific populations and circumstances as well as a CD including Power Point Slide Presentations for each module.

Module 1: Group Interventions for Treatment of Trauma in Adults

Module 2: Group Interventions for Treatment of Trauma in Children

Module 3: Group Interventions for Treatment of Trauma in Adolescents

Module 4: An Overview of Evidence-Based Group Approaches to Trauma with Adults

Module 5: An Overview of Evidence-Based Group Approaches to Trauma with Children and Adolescents

Module 6: The Later Stage: The Role of Group Interventions in Coping with the Aftermath of Traumatic Events

Module 7: Countertransference: Effects on the Group Therapist Working with Trauma
                  Exercise 1
                  Exercise 2

Module 8: Unique Aspects of Group Work with Trauma

Module 9: Identification and Management of Masked Trauma Reactions in Groups

Module 10: Group Interventions for Bereavement Following Traumatic Events

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