Tuesday, February 27, 8:30 - 9:15 A.M.

I'm Having Trouble with My Small Group: Reflections on a Lifetime of Living, Leading, and Learning in Groups

Instructor:  Elizabeth Knight, MSW, CGP, DFAGPA

This session will focus on the ubiquity and vital importance of groups in our lives - family, work, sports, school, and of course, therapy groups. The emphasis will be on how understanding how we interact with others leads us to "The Healing Power of Groups in a Fragmented World" - this year's AGPA Connect theme. Personal experiences will be shared and references made to both the Tavistock and Psychodynamic models of group.

Ms. Elizabeth Knight has worked in the field of group psychotherapy for over forty years. She is a Past President of AGPA, with numerous volunteer roles locally and nationally. Ms. Knight is an unparalleled supporter of women in group psychotherapy, encouraging and mentoring women therapists to leadership roles at the local and national level.


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